Winter Warmer 2017

Winter Warmer

We’ve emerged from the depths of winter, and the days are just that bit longer, sky brighter and we’re enthused by the promise of warmer days beyond.

But it’s still a lovely thing to curl up at home on the couch, wrapped in a mohair rug with a novel and cup of something warm and delicious in your hand. There’s much peace and rejuvenation to be gained from such an effortless experience, which we try and steal a moment for most weeks.

Naturally, a cocobean hot chocolate melt is our drink of choice.  It’s decadence and simplicity matches the vibe of wintry chill time.

cocobean melts come in four tempting styles: milk, dark and white chocolate or chilli-infused dark chocolate. Handmade at the cocobean kitchen, the melts simply contain smooth couverture chocolate. We don’t add anything because simple is best. The result: a square of chocolate at the end of a popsicle stick, ready to be infused in warm milk.

To enjoy, slowly heat a cup of full cream milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Once the milk is gently bubbling, take off the heat and pour in to your favourite mug. Unwrap the melt of your fancy and dunk in to the mug. The chocolate will ooze its way off the stick and meet the richness of the milk to create an indulgent pool of sweet, creamy liquid for you to sip. You may find some of the chocolate melt rises to the top, so be sure to just keep stirring in to the frothy milk. A little shortbread biscuit is always a nice sidekick to our melts. We’d then tell you to enjoy, but are quite certain you will.

For hot chocolates all-round, we suggest the classic cocobean hot chocolate: flakes of couverture ready to mix in with steaming milk then divide among mugs in front of the fire. The flakes also make a delicious garnish for iced cupcakes!

Cocobean chocolate melts, along with other cocobean delights, are available online or at our George Street store.