Cocobean Chocolate was a dream that unfolded slowly like a butterfly from her chrysalis.


Our story starts with a Swiss couple.

Paul and his wife Beatrice owned the chocolate shop on George Street for decades. Their technique was exemplary, their product impeccable.

Beatrice made the chocolates and Paul packaged them and ran the store. So when the time came to pass on the business, not just anyone would do.

It soon became apparent Theresa Streefland was the right fit. The mother of three and businesswoman took over in 2008 with the intention of continuing to craft premium chocolate for Tasmanians.

And so cocobean was served.

Our Chocolate

Our ethos was simple from the start: use the best ingredients to carefully construct small batches of chocolate almost too good to eat.

We began melting, mixing and molding each product upstairs of the tiny shopfront. But soon we couldn’t keep up with an insatiable appetite for cocobean and established a larger manufacturing facility just outside the city.

We’ve introduced new flavours and styles, as well as adding an online store, but since cocobean’s inception things have largely stayed the same.

The remainder of our shopping list is ticked off in Tasmania: milk and cream come from Ashgrove, whisky from Lark Distillery, beer from Boags, coffee from Ritual Coffee, freeze dried raspberries from Forager Foods, free-range eggs from Olsen’s Farm.

So, cocobean may have adopted Swiss traditions, but we’ve added a Tassie touch and think you’re going to love it.

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